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I'm gonna win! I'm gonna win! ... What? We have to kill a lesser?

Firemaking Contest
Whoever burns up fire logs until 20 logs are lighted in a straight line. Results will be counted.
Dungeon Duels
Lesser Demons: A selected player from each group will be sent into Karamja Island with the lesser demons. If about to die, the player must run. Whoever runs out of area last (alive) wins, even if he/she gets killed by red spiders. Food and good armor will be helpful. Held in world 92.
Red Spiders: A selected player from each group will be sent into the Varrock Sewers, to the area with the red spiders. Non-battling players are recommended to stay away. The selected player is to kill as many red spiders as possible. If dead, the player will be disqualified. Food, good armor, good weapon, and potions will be helpful. Held in world 13.
Wool Race
Two selected players from each group will be sent to the Lumbridge flock. Each will be given a pair of shears. It will help if the players bought their own. A trade will determine if you brought any wool with you. You should have 27 spaces because of the shears. The players then try to shear as many sheep as possible. First team with both players filled up (27 wool) will win. Held in world 92.
Pit Fight
This contest will be held only to players that are interested in fighting in the wilderness. The level range of the three groups must be 10 (ten) or less to begin. Any dropped items from a dead player will be kept by the opponent and returned when they meet. If player does not return items, they will be kicked out of the clan for sure. Player will have to return once both are logged in. They will only be kicked out if they say they won't return the items. There is an exception to the levels: A player ten levels higher of a player ten levels higher of anothe player can still battle. For example, a level 40 can battle a level 30 and 20, but after the level 30 dies or runs then the Pit Fight is over. Held in world 92.
Attacks/Items not allowed in Pit Fights
Running far away and then casting spells or shooting arrows against a player using melee. (If you do that you will be outside of the pit)

Of the RuneScape Clan of Saint's Riches.