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Saint's Riches
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The Offers of the Clan
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So what exactly is this clan?

The clan was compiled by (krazyscape) on February 17, 2006. It had started before that, but the earlier dates got deleted somehow. Now we're back online.

Member list:
Armormaster0 (lv62)
Saint Briana (NS)
Sir Ranz (lv34)
Hex Pure (lv13)
Magic200001 (lv29)
Zapiniki (NS)
Sir Fire666 (lv40)
How the clan works:
The Saint's Riches clan is a clan that promotes the structure of society in RuneScape, allowing players to have fun and level up with the encouragement of other members. Any broken rules will be ended up as banned (banned from RuneScape by scamming, etc. or banned from the clan). All members have equal rights. 
Workers have standard rules. They are not forced to supply the others for anything. However, the SR clan provides a connection so that you may know who to sell to when you have an abundant amout of supplies you're trying to sell.
Player-killers (pkers) have the advantage of teaming up on other players with their clan members. The stronger the team, the better the clan. The more pkers, the more suppliers willing to sell their items.
The Chain:
The Chain has a very important part in the clan. Each individual is set into one of the three groups: Red, Yellow, and Blue. Workers of one group does not have to help another group, as in its own group as well. Contests will be held by group.
Members Area:
Once a member, and if the clan received your e-mail address, you will be sent a password. After logging in to the Member's Area, you will have access to some additional clan features.
Where to go:

Of the RuneScape Clan of Saint's Riches.