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Think someone is trying to rip you off?

Official SR (Saint's Riches) Prices are listed here:
Note: These are supplies and they are noted (only notable supplies such as ores).
Copper: 2 GP
Tin: 2 GP
Copper&Tin: 5 GP
Iron ores: 20 GP
Clay: 10 GP
Soft clay: 30 GP
Coal ores: 100 GP
Gold ores: 100 GP
Mithril ores: 250 GP
Adamantite ores: 600 GP
Runite ores: 9000 GP
Bronze bars: 20 GP
Iron bars: 80 GP
Silver bars: 100 GP
Steel Set (2 coal, 1 iron): 400 GP
Steel Bar: 500 GP
Gold Bar: 300 GP
Mithril Set: NA
Mithril Bar: 1K
Adamantite Set: NA
Adamantite Bar: 3K
Runite Set: 12K
Runite Bar: 11K
Fishing Rod (At fishing spot): 100 GP
Fishing Rod (At non-fishing spot): 10 GP
Flyfishing Rod (At flyfishing spot): 150 GP
Flyfishing Rod (At non-flyfishing spot): 30 GP
Fishing Bait: 3 GP
Feathers: 10 GP
Trout: 60 GP
Trout-Uncooked: 10 GP
Salmon: 90 GP
Salmon-Uncooked: 15 GP
Lobster: 200 GP
Lobster-Uncooked: 50 GP
Swordfish: 400 GP
Swordfish-Uncooked: 70 GP
Bronze Axe: 3 GP
Iron Axe: 5 GP
Steel Axe: 100 GP
Black Axe: 8K
Mithril Axe: 1K
Adamant Axe: 3K
Rune Axe: 20K
Normal Log: 5 GP
Oak Log: 10 GP
Willow Log: 20 GP
Maple Log (member world): 50 GP
Maple Log (non-member world): 100 GP
Yew Log: 200 GP
Normal Bones: 10 GP
Monkey Bones: 10 GP
BIg Bones: 200 GP
Pking Items:
Adamant Arrows: 100 GP
Chaos Runes: 90 GP
Death Runes: 200 GP
Monk Robes (full): 800 GP
Rune Scimitar: 28K
Bind Set: 400 GP
Beginner's Set (Range):
1 Leather Cowl
1 Leather Body
1 Leather Chaps
1 Normal Bow
50 Bronze Arrows
1 Leather Boot
1 Leather Gloves
1 Defense Amulet
Total: 2.3K GP
Beginner's Set (Magic):
1 Blue/Black Wizard Hat
1 Blue/Black Wizard Robe (Chest)
1 Blue/BLack Wizard Robe (Legs)
1 Air Staff
50 Air Runes
50 Mind Runes
1 Magic Ammy
Total: 2K
Beginner's Set (Strength):
1 Iron Full Helm
1 Iron Platemail
1 Iron Platelegs
1 Iron Kite Shield
1 Iron Scimitar
1 Strength Potion
Total: 2K
Food: Check Fishing Section
Crafting Items:
Brown Apron (Near crafting guild): 200 GP
Uncut Sapphire: 100 GP
Cut Sapphire: 100 GP
Uncut Emerald: 300 GP
Cut Emerald: 200 GP
Uncut Ruby: 700 GP
Cut Ruby: 700 GP
Uncut Diamond: 1.2K
Cut Diamond: 2K
Silver Ores and Bars: Check Ores and Bars Sections
Gold Ores and Bars: Check Ores and Bars Sections
All Moulds: 100 GP
Individual Moulds: 10 GP
Balls of Wool: 100 GP
Hammer: 5 GP
Moulds: Check Crafting Section
Bucket: 10 GP
Egg: 3 GP
Bucket of Milk: 50 GP
Pot: 5 GP
Pot of Flour: 60 GP
Knife: 5 GP
Banana: 10 GP
Sliced Banana: 10 GP
Sliced Banana in Rum (Use sliced banana with the karamja rum): Untradable
Hires are when you hire someone to guard you, run for you, or for some other job that you pay for. These prices are if they actually give the items back to you.
Iron Runner: 200 GP per inventory
Coal Runner: 500 GP per inventory
Mithril Runner: 1K per inventory
Trout/Salmon Runner: 400 GP per inventory
Runite Runner: 30K per inventory (not recommended)
If you hire a Runite Runner, he can run away with 300K!!!
Clay Runner: 100 GP per inventory
Tin/Copper Runner: 100 GP per inventory
Guard: 700 GP for level 30-40 enemies
Guard: 1K for level 40-50 enemies
Guard: 2K for level 51+ enemies

Of the RuneScape Clan of Saint's Riches.